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Baltimore area Karaoke bars places -
Also see By City Karaoke bars in Maryland  
Karaoke Venue
Bar Tavern/ Mr Kevin's Magic Music 2148 Wilkens Ave
Wednesday 8-12
443-948-5960   Map  Baltimore MD
Mr Kevin’s Magic MusicKaraoke/Bluegrass  101 S President Street
410-837-9900   Map  Baltimore MD
BJ Mallards/Mr Kevins Magic Music 1104 Ingleside Ave
Thursdays 9-1
410-744-4877   Map  Baltimore MD
American Legion Post #38 3300 Dundalk Ave
Fri 8-12PM
410-288-2297   Map  Baltimore MD
Rowan Tree 1633 South Charles St
Friday & Saturday night 10pm to 2am
410-468-0550   Map  Baltimore MD
The Drinkery 207 W. Read Street
Fridays and Saturdays 8pm to 2am
410-225-3100   Map  Baltimore MD
Maynard's Cafe 3916 S. Hanover St
Every night but Monday
410-355-8924   Map  Baltimore MD
Walts Inn 3201 ODonnell Street
Every day
410-327-1495   Map  Baltimore MD
Grand Central  1001 N Charles St
Mon, Tues, Thurs 9PM-close
410-752-7133   Map  Baltimore MD
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