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Manhattan New York City area Karaoke bars places -
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Karaoke Venue
Baby Grand 161 Lafayette Street
Everyday night 7pm
212-219-8110   Map  Manhattan New York NY
Sing Sing Karaoke 81 Avenue A
Everyday 2pm/also public bar with Karaoke-call
212-674-0700   Map  Manhattan New York NY
Duet 35 53 West 35th Street
Every day 2pm-4am
646-473-0826   Map  Manhattan New York NY
Japas 38 Public & Private rooms 9 E 38th St
Everyday 4pm - 3am/ public bar 5pm
212-679-4036   Map  Manhattan New York NY
Karaoke Duet 304 East 48TH street
212-753-0030   Map  Manhattan New York NY
Radio Star Karaoke Bar & Private Rooms 3 West 35th St
Mon-Wed 3pm-2am, Thu-Sat 3pm-4am, Sun 6:30pm-12am
212-564-2520   Map  Manhattan New York NY
Karaoke BOHO West 4 186 West 4th Street
Every day 2pm public bar too 8pm
212-255-0011   Map  Manhattan New York NY
Pieces Bar 8 Christopher Street
Every Tuesday night 8:30pm sometimes Sat
212-929-9291   Map  Manhattan New York NY
Chorus Karaoke 25 West 32nd st
Every Day!! Bar opens at 6pm and Private rooms 2pm
212-967-2244   Map  Manhattan New York City NY
Saint Marks Karaoke 6 Saint Marks Place
Everyday 4pm Also Public bar karaoke call
212-228-6250   Map  Manhattan New York NY
Spot Karaoke NYC 34W 32nd St
Every day Lounge opens at 6pm/private earlier
212-564-6600   Map  Manhattan New York City NY
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