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New York NYC Karaoke bars places -
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Duck Duck 161 Montose Avenue
3rd Thursday Monthly- 10pm-2am
347-799-1449   Map  Brooklyn New York City NY
Baby Grand Brooklyn 55 McGuinness Blvd SOUTH
Tonight!! Every night
347-463-9106   Map  Brooklyn New York NY
Karaoke One 7 29 W 17th street
Tonight!! Every DAY
212-675-3527   Map  New York City NY
Way Station 683 Washington Avenue
Sunday Thursday 9pm - 1am
347-627-4949   Map  Brooklyn New York City NY
Walter's Bar 389 8th Ave.
Thursdays 9PM - 2AM
212-502-4023   Map  New York NY
Overlook Lounge 225 East 44th Street
Tuesdays Nights from 7PM to 12AM
212-682-7266   Map  New York City NY
Live Band Karaoke - Arlene's Grocery 95 Stanton street
Live band Karaoke Mondays(free)
212-358-1633   Map  New York City NY
Wicked Willy's 149 Bleecker St
Tuesdays, Thursdays around 8pm
212-254-8592   Map  Greenwich Village New York City NY
Metropolitan Gay Friendly 559 Lorimer St.
Every Tues 11pm-3am
718-599-4444   Map  Brooklyn New York City NY
Baby Grand 161 Lafayette Street
Everyday night 7pm
212-219-8110   Map  Manhattan New York NY
Karaoke Cave 11 E 13th St
Every night!! 5pm on
646-486-3225   Map  New York NY
SOF The South of France w/Prestige Musical 1800 Westchester Avenue
every Wed and Saturday nights
718-823-1133   Map  Bronx New York City NY
Motthaven formerly Bruckner Bar 1 Bruckner Blvd
Every Friday night at 6pm
718-665-2001   Map  Bronx New York City NY
Vivienne's Cocktails 3044 Westchester
Friday Saturday
718-829-0218   Map  Bronx New York City NY
Union Hall 702 Union st
Every Friday night Midnight doors
718-638-4400   Map  Brooklyn New York City NY
Pine Box Rock Shop 12 Grattan Street
Tuesday nights
718-366-6311   Map  Brooklyn New York City NY
Branded Saloon 603 Vanderbilt Ave
Thu, 10pm-2am
718-484-8704   Map  Brooklyn New York City NY
Cobra Club 6 Wyckoff Street
Fridays Saturdays 11pm-3am
917-719-1138   Map  Brooklyn New York City NY
Karaoke Duet 304 East 48TH street
212-753-0030   Map  Manhattan New York NY
Sing Sing Karaoke 81 Avenue A
Everyday 2pm/also public bar with Karaoke-call
212-674-0700   Map  Manhattan New York NY
Japas 38 Public & Private rooms 9 E 38th St
Everyday 4pm - 3am/ public bar 5pm
212-679-4036   Map  Manhattan New York NY
Duet 35 53 West 35th Street
Every day 2pm-4am
646-473-0826   Map  Manhattan New York NY
The Punch Bowl 5820 Broadway
EVERY Friday
718-884-7322   Map  Bronx New York City NY
Hope and Anchor 347 Van Brunt Street
Friday & Saturday night 9pm
718-237-0276   Map  Brooklyn New York City NY
Alligator Lounge 600 Metropolitan Ave
Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday night 10-2
718-599-4440   Map  Brooklyn New York City NY
South Of France  1800 westchester ave
Wednesday Saturday
718-823-1133   Map  Bronx New York City NY
Hill Country BBQ 30 W. 26th St.
Tuesdays, 8:30-11:30 pm
212-255-4544   Map  New York NY
The Mean Fiddler 266 W 47th St
Friday Saturday nights
212-354-2950   Map  New York NY
Watering Hole 106 E 19th St
Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
-212-674-5783   Map  New York NY
Biny Japanese Rest. and Karaoke Bar 8 Thompson Street
212-334-5490   Map  New York City NY
Dalton's Bar & Grill 611 9th Ave
Sundays and Thursday
212-245-5511   Map  New York City NY
Allie Way Sports Bar on Upper East Side 413 E 70th St
Thursday nights
917-512-0397   Map  New York City NY
St Vitus 1120 Manhattan Avenue
Saturdays- 11pm-3am
saintvitusbar.com   Map  Brooklyn New York City NY
Radio Star Karaoke Bar & Private Rooms 3 West 35th St
Mon-Wed 3pm-2am, Thu-Sat 3pm-4am, Sun 6:30pm-12am
212-564-2520   Map  Manhattan New York NY
Music Story Karaoke and Bar 34 W 32 St, 5th Fl
Daily 1pm to 4am
212-594-4344   Map  New York NY
Keats Karaoke 842 2nd ave
Every day but Sunday Monday, 9pm-close
212-682-5490   Map  New York NY
St Mark's Karaoke lounge 6 Saint Marks place
Every day. rooms can accomodate 50 people
212-228-6250   Map  New York City NY
Planet Rose 219 Avenue A
Every night!!
212-353-9500   Map  New York City NY
People Lounge 163 Allen Street
7-11pm+ Two Thursdays and One Saturday a month
212-254-2668   Map  New York NY
Asia Roma Karaoke Bar 40 Mulberry St
Monday thru Saturday Sunday - Private party only
212-385-1133   Map  New York NY
Karaoke BOHO West 4 186 West 4th Street
Every day 2pm public bar too 8pm
212-255-0011   Map  Manhattan New York NY
Cornerstone Tavern 961 2nd Ave
Every night until 4am
212-888-7403   Map  New York City NY
Inhabit Karaoke Lounge 39 Eldridge St
Every night rent a room
212-965-158   Map  New York City NY
Pieces Bar 8 Christopher Street
Every Tuesday night 8:30pm sometimes Sat
212-929-9291   Map  Manhattan New York NY
32 Karaoke 32 West 32nd st.
Every night Mon-Sat 6:30pm-4am Sun 7pm-4am
212-290-0086   Map  New York City NY
Chorus Karaoke 25 West 32nd st
Every Day!! Bar opens at 6pm and Private rooms 2pm
212-967-2244   Map  Manhattan New York City NY
5 Bar Karaoke Lounge 38 West 32nd Street, 5FL
Every Night!!
212-594-6644   Map  New York NY
Overlook lounge 225 E. 44th St
Tuesday night 7pm
212-682-7266   Map  New York City NY
Saint Marks Karaoke 6 Saint Marks Place
Everyday 4pm Also Public bar karaoke call
212-228-6250   Map  Manhattan New York NY
Spot Karaoke NYC 34W 32nd St
Every day Lounge opens at 6pm/private earlier
212-564-6600   Map  Manhattan New York City NY
212-633-1986   Map  New York City NY
Red Karaoke Lounge 2394 Coney Island Avenue
Every night
718-382-4488   Map  Brooklyn New York City NY
Estelle Karaoke Bar and Lounge 1824 Avenue U
Every day 7pm-4am
718-769-2100   Map  Brooklyn New York City NY
Gagopa Karaoke  28 West 32nd Street
Every night 6:30pm - 4am
212-967-5353   Map  New York City NY
Karaoke one 7 29 W 17th St
Every day!!
212-675-3527   Map  New York City NY
Iggy's Legendary Karaoke bar 1452 2nd Avenue
Every Night after 8pm
212-327-3043   Map  New York City NY
The Woods 48 South 4th Street
Tuesdays- 11pm-3am
718-782-4955   Map  Brooklyn New York City NY
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