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Pueblo area Karaoke bars places -
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Karaoke Venue
Mo's Sports Bar and Lounge  325 S Union Avenue
9 pm - Midnight/Wednesday nights
719-621-1160   Map  Pueblo CO
Spectators Sports Grill 1002 Constitution Rd
Thurs 9PM -1AM Sun 9PM - 1AM
719-544-6111   Map  Pueblo CO
Riverside Bar and Grill  4021 Jerry Murphy Rd
Tues 9PM - 1AM Fri 9PM - 1AM
719-543-2037   Map  Pueblo CO
T's Bar  34158 E US Highway 50
Friday nights 8:00 p.m.
719-948-9987   Map  Pueblo CO
Shorty's Backyard Bar & Grill 29701 East US Highway 50
Friday and Saturday 9pm - 1am
719-553-6056   Map  Pueblo CO
Parise's Lounge 430 W 30th
Tuesday - Sunday 9pm - close
719-250-8453   Map  Pueblo CO
Shorty's Backyard Bar & Grill 29701 E US HWY 50
9pm-1am Fridays Saturday
719-948-4275   Map  Pueblo CO
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