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Seattle area Karaoke bars places -
Also see By City Karaoke bars in Washington  
Karaoke Venue
The Crescent Lounge 1413 E Olive Way
Every night!!
206-659-4476   Map  Seattle WA
Little Red Hen 7115 Woodlawn Ave NE
Mondays & Wednesdays 9 pm - 1:30 am
(206) 522-1168   Map  Seattle WA
Tarasco 1452 NW 70th St
Friday and Saturday
206-782-1485   Map  Seattle WA
Skylark Cafe & Club 3803 Delridge Way SW
Tuesday 9pm
206-935-2111   Map  Seattle WA
Hideout 1005 Boren Ave
1st Sunday of every month
206-903-8480   Map  Seattle WA
Columbia City Theater 4916 Rainier Ave S
Wednesday 8pm
206-722-3009   Map  Seattle WA
Bush Garden Restaurant 614 Maynard Ave S
Every night 9:30pm
206-682-683   Map  Seattle WA
Star Karaoke 4744 University Way NE
Every day
206-729-985   Map  Seattle WA
Plaza Garibaldi 129 1st Ave N
Friday Saturday
206-397-4088   Map  Seattle WA
Talarico’s Pizzeria & Lounge 4718 California Ave SW
Friday Saturday Sunday Monday 10pm
206-937-346   Map  Seattle WA
Unicorn 1118 E Pike St
Monday nights
206-325-64   Map  Seattle WA
Waterwheel Lounge 7034 15th ave NW
Sunday Tuesday Thursday Friday and Saturday nights
206-784-5701   Map  Seattle WA
El Norte Lounge 13717 Lake City Way NE
Thursday nights
206-765-0361   Map  Seattle WA
Marco Polo Bar and Grill 5613 4th Avenue South
Friday and Saturday night 9pm
206-762-3964   Map  Seattle WA
Changes Bar & Grill 2103 N 45th St
Sunday Wednesday 9pm to 1am
206-545-8363   Map  Seattle WA
The Twilight Exit 2514 E Cherry St
Sunday night
206-324-7462   Map  Seattle WA
Boxcar Ale House 3407 Gilman Ave W
Thursay and Saturday at 9pm
206-286-6418   Map  Seattle WA
Ozzie's Karaoke Bar 105 W. Mercer st.
Every night!! Starts at 9pm except Wed starts 10p
206-284-4618   Map  Seattle WA
Atlantic Crossing 6508 Roosevelt Way NE
Monday night 9:30 pm
206-729-6266   Map  Seattle WA
Fremont Dock Sports Bar 1102 N 34th St
Friday Saturday
206-829-8372   Map  Seattle WA
Mac's Triangle Pub 9454 Delridge Way SW
Friday and Saturday at 9pm
206-763-0714   Map  Seattle WA
Baronof 8549 Greenwood Ave N
Every night but Monday
206-782-9260   Map  Seattle WA
Rickshaw Restuarant 322 N 105th St
Every night at 9pm, Weds at 10pm
206-789-0120   Map  Seattle WA
Venus Karaoke - Japanese Style Karaoke 601 S King St
Everyday 3pm to 2am
206-264-1779   Map  Seattle WA
Monkey Pub 5305 Roosevelt Way NE
Sunday Tuesday and Friday
206-523-6457   Map  Seattle WA
Red Onion Tavern 4210 E Madison St
Every other Friday Every Saturday
206-323-1611   Map  Seattle WA
Hula Hula 106 1st Ave N,
Everynight at 9pm
206-284-5003   Map  Seattle WA
Rock Box - Japanese style karaoke 1603 Nagle place
Every night in rooms 4pm-3am-fri/sat 4am
206-302-7625   Map  Seattle WA
Siren Tavern 3403 4th Ave S
Sundays 9pm -1:30am
206-223-9167   Map  Seattle WA
west seattle eagles 4426 california ave sw
fri 7.30-11.3
206-938-4426   Map  Seattle WA
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