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Harvey's Sports Bar 1728 S. Euclid st
Tues 9PM - 1AM

714-635-0462     PSTD: 2023-04-19
Juke Joint Cocktail Lounge 735 N Anaheim BLVD
Thursday Sunday & Every other Friday

(714) 778-1397     PSTD: 2023-04-19
Kopa Room 201 S Brookhurst St
Friday Saturday 8pm

714-774-2253     PSTD: 2023-04-19
LInbrook Bowl 201 S. Brookhurst
Wednesday Friday Saturday

714-774-2253     PSTD: 2022-07-10
Mariscos Perlas Del Mar 1755 W La Palma Ave

714 808 9202     PSTD: 2022-07-10
THE RIO VISTA INN 200 South Rio Vista Street
Tuesday Friday Saturday sometimes other days(call)

714-632-0045     PSTD: 2021-08-20
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