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Dueces Wild Brewery 660 Peterson Rd
Friday Karaoke 6-10pm with DJ Lyle

719-394-4811     PSTD: 2021-05-25
Shady Lounge 734 North 19th st
Tues&Weds&Sun &Thur DJ Lyle runs later if it's busy.

719-418-6585     PSTD: 2021-05-25
O'Furry's 900 E. Fillmore Street
8-midnight Tuesday Thursday nights

719-634-3106     PSTD: 2018-03-14
Detour Lounge 4080 Clearview Loop South
8-midnight Wednesdays. 9-1am Friday and Saturday.

719-392-9954     PSTD: 2018-01-04
Harmony Bowl 3845 North Academy Boulevard
Tuesday Friday Saturday 10pm - 2am

719-591-1000     PSTD: 2017-01-18
Shots Tavern 1831 Main St.
Friday nights 8pm till closing

719-393-7299     PSTD: 2017-01-18
Joe's Bar 4763 Flintridge Dr
Tuesday Wed Thursday Friday Saturday 9pm to close

719-599-8382     PSTD: 2017-01-18
Rocks formerly Bricks Sports Bar & Grill 1840 N Academy Blvd
Monday and Wednesday

719-638-2022     PSTD: 2017-01-18
Thunder and Buttons 2415 W. Colorado Avenue
Wed Thurs Fri & Saturday

719-447-9888     PSTD: 2017-01-18
Knucklehead Tavern 2627 Delta Dr
Friday Nights starting at 7pm

719-390-7050     PSTD: 2015-10-14
Carey on Saloon listing 6829 Space Village Ave
Thursdays Fridays

719-591-0300     PSTD: 2015-08-29
Dublin House Sports Bar and Grill 1850 Dominion Way
Every night!!

719-265-8820     PSTD: 2015-08-29
Club Q 3430 N Academy Blvd
Wednesday 9:30pm

719-570-1429     PSTD: 2015-04-18
Adam's Apple Lounge  3302 Austin Bluffs Parkway
Saturdays & Sundays, 9 p.m.

719-528-6525     PSTD: 2015-01-28
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