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E-String Bar & Grill 2031 W. Sunset Rd.
Tonight!! Every night 9pm

702-437-8764     PSTD: 2019-10-13
Eldorado Casino Karaoke 140 Water St
8:00 pm Till Midnight Every Friday & Saturday Nigh

702-591-5918     PSTD: 2016-08-12
PT's Gold 812 W Ann Rd
Every Saturday at 9pm

702-649-6162     PSTD: 2016-04-01
E-String Grill and Poker Bar 4350 E Sunset Rd
MTW Midnight T 8:00p F Midnight S 9:00p

702-437-8764     PSTD: 2014-07-21
E String Grill and Poker Bar 2031 W Sunset Road
Every night of the week!

702-437-8764     PSTD: 2014-03-02
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