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Artichoke Basille's Pizza 4799 Telegraph ave
Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
510-844-4887     PSTD: 2024-06-01
The White Horse 6551 Telegraph Ave
Every Tuesday night

510-652-3820     PSTD: 2023-04-12
Lounge 3411 3411 MacArthur Blvd

510-531-3411     PSTD: 2023-03-22
The Ric 5515 College Ave
Friday and Sunday 8pm
510-708-5181     PSTD: 2023-01-09
Cato's 3891 Piedmont ave
Every First and Third Saturday of the month.
510-655-3349     PSTD: 2022-10-22
Legionnaire Saloon 2272 Telegraph Ave
Every night Except Tuesday(Closed)

510-891-8660     PSTD: 2021-09-18
Dragon gate bar and grill 300 Broadway
Rent a room Every night

510-922-8032     PSTD: 2021-08-05
The Alley 3345 Grand Avenue
Sunday night 8pm

510-444-8505     PSTD: 2021-06-26
Jaguar Karaoke 4390 Telegraph Ave
Mon&Tues 6pm-2am, Wed through Sun 2pm-2am

510-658-8995     PSTD: 2015-11-10
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